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Block 21,562,551

66 transactions in this block, produced at 2018-04-14 14:51:36 (UTC)

c5e60352 Cryptotradingch transfer 1 SBD to
2a55766a Gregario claim reward: 0.000 STEEM, 0.000 SBD, and 12.231 VESTS
8a65682d Aceh trail transfer 0.901 SBD to
c0c5b21b Re blog transfer 0.001 STEEM to ▌★ Advance the post ★ ▌ Resteem to 13.000+ followers , guarantee +25 upvote , re-blog upvote 100% . Send 0.6 SBD or STEEM to @re-blog , URL as memo . Service Active
0c62f36b Kuntur approve witness
04604d40 Minnowhelper transfer 0.001 SBD to
3276af66 Kirati claim reward: 0.007 STEEM, 0.120 SBD, and 146.763 VESTS

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13 virtual ops in this block.

virtual Smooth.witness producer reward: 395.420 VESTS
virtual Hendrikdegrote curation reward: 313.892 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju
virtual Tookta curation reward: 75.416 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju
virtual Curie curation reward: 63.186 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju
virtual Meerkat curation reward: 50.957 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju
virtual Pharesim curation reward: 28.536 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju
virtual Antfield curation reward: 28.536 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju
virtual Anwenbaumeister curation reward: 18.344 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju
virtual Liberosist curation reward: 10.191 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju
virtual Carinae curation reward: 8.153 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju
virtual Nattytsteemit curation reward: 6.115 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju
virtual Kushed curation reward: 6.115 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju
virtual Aoffy author reward: 1.466 SBD, 0 STEEM and 1,161.809 VESTS for @aoffy/6ewaju

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created by @roadscape